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HOW TO BE HEALTHY! Here are 10 ways to get in shape and get back on track to a healthy lifestyle. I'm sharing DIY fitness motivation, healthy recipes like green juice, lettuce tacos & grilled veggies, and also sharing my workout routine and gym I go to. I've been going to Art of Eight Training in San Diego for several months now and I love that everyone there wants to see you grow so they're super helpful and it's not intimidating at all. So if you're in the area I highly recommend you stop by. Your first workout is FREE! 🙂

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Readers Comments (30)

  1. I have the same binder/planner!!

  2. Loved this! You inspired me to start yoga and I love it!

  3. You make healthy meals look so simple! Great tips!

  4. I want to hire you just to do braids in my hair

  5. I really liked this video!!

    I just started a channel today too! Isn’t making videos so much fun? 🙂

  6. My swim season just ended (swimming in winter it’s weird I know) so I’ve been trying to maintain a little something, because it would be extremely hard to keep everything I’ve worked for without swimming. I’ve been doing little things everyday. Simple exercises that are challenging enough, but don’t kill me, and make me want to do them again!

  7. please don’t put your mailing address up unless it’a a p.o. box.

  8. Nichole Jacklyne January 29, 2016 @ 4:52 am

    💙💜💖💚💛 Anyone looking to support each other, I’m trying to reach 10k!💙💜💖💚💛💖


  10. this video honestly got me so motivated! I loved the recipes and old definitely going to try and do 100 crunches before I go to bed now! I loved how you said you were making this to reinspire people to stick with the resolutions. I’ve been watching your videos for years now and I’m always so happy when you upload because you’re so positive and put me in a good mood(: thank you Jackie! hope you have an awesome day

  11. This was such an awesome video! I love and admire people who strive towards their goals! So proud of you!! 🙂

  12. You look so cute without makeup

  13. I’m so busy with uni, I almost never have time to workout… I get home after a long day and just stuff myself with food. Vegan food though, so it ain’t that bad haha

    • +Melanie Flink You could try out blogalaties videos here on YouTube. Her videos are like 5 minutes if you look at her five minute series. She also has a 3 minute series called turbo pilaties. I like doing them when I don’t have time!

    • +Simply-Ella yeah I’m subscribed to her as well. I should try them out c:

  14. Make sure to eat some carbs jackie!!

  15. So useful, I’ve already broken my first resolution of exercising consistently, so I really needed this Jackie! =)

  16. with all those fit healthy tips.. I would think that you’re fit yourself.. but looks like u need some help with ur own weight.

    • Jackie actually gains muscle while losing fat at the same time. That may be why the results of her lifestyle aren’t apparent. Please don’t bring her down because YOU don’t see the results.

    • +Randee Reyes I’ve been following her for years.. she actually gain weight. not bringing her down. jus speaking my opinion. hope she takes this as a positive opinion and motivate her to shed those extra pound she gain. she probably notice it herself that’s why she’s posting this video up. trying to get fit again.duh!

    • Everyone moves at their own pace, everyone’s body reacts differently. Everyone’s goals are different. At least she’s moving forward with a healthy lifestyle and being way more active than half of us. I’m 5’1 and 110 pounds and I’m not where near my ideal “fit” body. It’s not about weight or looks, it’s about feel healthy, being healthy and being strong. She’s may not at her goal yet, but she posted this video to help us and motivate us along side her.

  17. Blindianswirl Two January 29, 2016 @ 10:27 pm

    I am on this weight loss journey now. I moved my personal trainer who is cooking vegan meals into my house!

  18. that target planner is too cute!

  19. Hey, please be careful not to undereat? Looks like you consume hardly any calories!

  20. I am on my lifestyle change and I tell you it’s so inspiring seeing other women take the next step in a healthy lifestyle. It’s a choice (: All the best in your journey Jackie! BTW — I love your board <3 XX

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