Kids workout 1 Beginners

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15 Min workout. Teach a child how to get in shape with exercises. Maurice takes you through a beginning workout for kids of all ages, even teens and adults. It's fun and healthy workout. Join in!

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  1. Many people have been asking for another workout, workout 4 is now up! Go give it a try!
    Thanks for your support!!!!

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  3. i wil thack you

  4. I just started working out this vid works great thanks allot gonna check out the other 1 soon I’m a skinny dood tryna get a little muscle

    • Thanks for sharing your comment. Yes this can help, but to build more muscle, do a variety of push-ups. 20 a set if you can, if not do as many as you can in a set until you build up to 20 or more a set. Pull-ups are another great exercise to build mass. They are hard to do, but if you start out where you can, even if it’s just 1 pull-up on the bar, and work your way up to more. Eat healthy fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water. Keep me posted on your results, and if you have any questions please contact us. Fitness 4 life!

    • Moe Jones thanks

    • Moe Jones i love this video it help do my pushups and other exercises it gives motivation I’ve done 30 pushups per do so far

    • That’s super fantastic, keep up the great job. I’m proud of you. Wishing you the best, keep me posted.

  5. Aphmau fan Night-Guard May 28, 2017 @ 8:11 pm

    this is tireing

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  7. i lost 33 pounds doing this video!!

    • That’s fantastic news, thanks so much for sharing. Do you have any before and after pictures? If so let me know, we will be having a contest soon on whoever loses the most weight in a certain period of time. Keep up the great job.

    • Moe Jones No sadly i regret that i didn’t take a before and after picture.

    • No problem, thanks anyways. We are very proud of you!!!! Fitness is 4 Life!

    • Moe Jones ?

  8. I’m currently 13, and almost 14. I’ve been trying to find a good workout that doesn’t require any sorts of expensive equipment, pill, or type of food and this seems to be just that. I’ve always had a problem with my body, and always hated how I look. So, I want to thank you for posting this, and helping me out with my weight-loss Journey.

    • You are very welcome, and thank you for putting forth the effort, this shows that you are a go getter and you can do anything you put your mind to. Go for the GOLD!!!

  9. Isabella Herrera June 30, 2017 @ 2:59 am

    Is this workout to lose weight or gain muscle? Because I don’t want to lose weight I just want to gain muscle

  10. i do this 10 times a day

    • Wow, that’s a lot, you deserve an S on your chest for Super. Keep up the great job, and thanks for sharing.

  11. Im a 12 year old who has been overweight for as long asI remember, I was in first grade and I realized it . Both my parents said its just baby fat. When I was 10 I realized the baby fat on my neck,face, and arms were gone but my belly just got bigger. I understood what the doctors were saying and I decided to take matters into my own hands. I told my parents to buy more healthy food for the good of all of us and they agreed. But I realized I need to exercise so I found this just 16 minutes ago and I will use this for now on

  12. I’m leaving for basic training soon and I’ve been working out in preparation, but my kids wanted to get involved so I looked up workouts for kids. So glad I found this! We do it every night before their bedtime now and they love it! (It also helps tire them out.) Thanks for making these!

    • That’s fantastic to hear, I’m a veteran myself, thanks for wanting to serve, if you have any questions about military preparation just give me a shout. Hello to the kids, keep up the great job, remember fitness is 4 life!

  13. I do weights instead

  14. I am sooo hot like a tomato i am going to die i have been doing this seens 2013 to 2017 and now i way skinnner

  15. Im going to do this every night like if you agree if i should

  16. New Kids Workout 8 is now loaded, give it a try, we thank all of our subscribers for their support and positive comments. Fitness 4 Life!!!!

  17. Great workout well done

  18. Hello all, just sharing some more great videos for young kids. These are fabulous bedtime or anytime stories for kids. Check out and leave a positive comment if you like the stories. And subscribe, she’s always putting up new stories. Here’s the link to one of her stories. Enjoy!

  19. Awesome

    • Thanks Heidi, you are pretty awesome to for choosing to workout. Keep up the great job, keep us posted. Fitness 4 Life!

  20. It made me strong

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